Date Safely Online

Please take your time reading the information below. It helps keep you safe online and offline.


Before you join our dating social network, it is better to do your own research online to find what best fits your needs. Almost all dating sites claim that they are the best, so it is up to you to experience each site before making a commitment.


Our site is safe, secure, user friendly and unlike other sites, totally FREE. Once you have chosen, please go through the instructions below.


Create a new email account just for your online datings, but do not include your confidential details.


Choose a unique password for your dating account, so it is hard for others to guess and never share it with anyone for any reason.


When creating your profile, do not include your personal or confidential information. Usually, your name, age and email is enough at all times. 


Use your best judgement at all times. Even though is a reputable dating social network, end of the day it all comes down to what you disclose to others.


Our highly trained Support Team monitors the users 24/7 to create a friendly atmosphere. However, there are few things you need to be aware of to help us and yourself. We do not tolerate offensive behaviour, faul comments or anything negative directed from one user to the other.  


Be aware of the users who:

  • Claim to be recently bankrupt, widowed or diagnosed with cancer.
  • Inappropriately put forward questions that makes you uncomfortable, or talk in an offence way.
  • Mention an unfortunate crisis and force you to provide financial assistance, or require your personal details for some reason.
  • Ask you to talk or chat on an outside email or video chat. Only leave the site, after you know and trust the user.
  • Claim to be from a Western country but is currently traveling, living or working abroad.
  • Are always inconsistent and provide vague answers to your specific questions.
  • Require your exact name and home address for sending gifts and flowers or surprising you.
  • Start converstaion that your introduction was “fate, destiny or God's will”.
  • Leave the site and then reappear under a different profile name.
  • Need the relationship with you to progress fast, because they do not want to waste time.
  • Blame others for everything wrong in their lives. 
  • Look underage, or you know them to be underage.
  • Are trying to sell you a product or advertise for a website. Do not click on any link they might send you, unless you know it to be safe.

If you do come across such users online and do not wish to communicate with them, simply block them and report them to us. Our dedicated Support Team will investigate the matter, and proper action will be taken.  


  • Send money in any form, to a person you meet online, no matter the situation.
  • Give out your full name, passport details, personal or bank (credit card) details. Protect such information at all times.
  • Form an emotional bond to someone online, if you have not met them in real life.


  • Stand your ground, never let anyone force you to do anything. Protect yourself, by guarding your identity and personal information.
  • Be alert and cautious while online, Look for inconsistencies and report any scammers.
  • Be honest with all online users, but clever enough not to give away any sensitive information about yourself.

Once you have chosen a person who you believe to be a nice match, now is a great time to talk on phone or Skype. You need to know that the person you have been messaging all this time is real, before meeting them in real life.

After you have heard their voice or seen them on a video chat, it would be safe for you to start setting a date for your first meeting.

First date is the most important day for you, this could lead to something special. You get one shot to make a first impression, make sure you:

  • Meet in a public place with lots of people around, during the day or evening is recommended.
  • Dress appropriately to impress.
  • Stay away from alcohol or any recreational drugs, at least for the first date.
  • Use your own transportation to and from the meeting place.
  • Inform a trusted person in your life about your date, meeting place and when you return home. Keep your mobile phone with you at all times.
  • Never change locations and if you do, keep your family informed of the changes.
  • Act responsibly and always trust your instincts.

Few more dates are needed to roughly know and understand a person. If you truely like the person spend more time knowing them, do not forget that trust and respect are earned in time. closes an account for falsified identity, suspected activity or inappropriate behavior (eg: indecent photos or profanity), and their profiles will be deleted from the database. Please be respectful to others and everyone will treat you in the same manner, if you do come across a rude person you can always block them.

We hope the advice above will help to make your experience with us a success, and that you will find the right job, travelling partner or lover with ease.

DatePhilippines Support Team



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